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The website for "tough love" cards
that express the feelings you cannot find the words to say.

Welcome to Hit The Heart Cards, the first and last place youíll need to go for your true feelings finally spoken on a card.

We are all about life.  Letís face it, how many of us really have it easy?  In this day and age, life is all about issues - whether family, friends or relationships, we as a whole, share the same common burdens one way or another.

Hit The Heart Cards is here to help you pass along what you really need to say to someone.  What you truly feel.   What better way to establish your point than with the truth - with what youíve always wanted to say but didnít know how?

Hit The Heart Cards is here to stay.  To stand by you through whatever hardship you may encounter.


Life can be very confusing and lonely at times.  I myself have experienced more than my fair share.

Everyone needs someone to lean on sooner or later. 

Here to create that common bond.  Here to try and make a difference.

Just click on the Browse Card Categories link to pick the category that best fits your situation and browse through the custom cards written just for that situation.

Hit The Heart Cards is here for you!

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